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No. 455 Darka-The Mini figure*Sold Out!!!!

No. 455 Darka-The Mini figure*Sold Out!!!!

Unit Price: 16,000JPY

Sold Out- Darka (mini figure)

Pre-order Item- New Release!!!!

Darka (mini figure)

Estimated Delivery Date: around August, 2017

Product Description:

The Darka is added as an additional purchase for this product. In the scene, Darka seems to be wounded badly where the half body part is cut off. Therefore, you are able to see the bloodshed painting in the dragon slayer of Berserks' in the battle by cutting off the Darka.
The Darka is separated. Therefore, you are able to put the Darka in any place freely.


The painting of the Darka looks completely different from our previous release. The painting in the parts like nose and ears look as very real when you see the exact product.
There is addition of bloodshed to the intestine part of the Darka. Darka seems wounded very badly where all the splatter blood is all over his teeth.

The packaging for "Darka" differs from the normal package from ART OF WAR.

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Product Information

Unit Price 16,000 JPY
Product Size Darka Full Body Size: approx. (W) 14 cm x (B) 8 cm x (H) 7 cm; Darka Shield Diameter: approx. 4.5 cm
Materials Polystone, PU & special poly in some parts to enhance elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date around August, 2017!!
Shipping Method EMS
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date March 24th, 2017!!!
Copy Right © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Repaint Service for P & D Customer Available until April 8th, 2017!!
Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or repair service. The package for this product will be different from the normal package.