Devilman “Makai-no-Tobira”

Devilman “Makai-no-Tobira”

Unit Price: 90,000JPY

Product Description


Go Nagai Exhibition: Special Collaboration between VOLKS & ART OF WAR   


Masterpieces are being revived from VOLKS, the famous Japan hobby product manufacturer and leader in the Japanese molding industry. The best works created by Akihiro Enku, VOLKS’s principal sculptor are being transformed into statues by ART OF WAR.


Limited manufacture to only 50 pcs!!





 It is a pre-order item, the shiping and handling cost will be informed separatly before delivery.(Estimated Delivery Date: July 2019)


Product description


The Devilman is one of the most top-rated series among the works of GO NAGAI WORLD. This statue, a representative work of Akihiro Enku, has a bold and stable posture and gives the impression that The Devilman is flying upwards to the sky. Previousy this item was only sold as a kit but now it will be re-released as a statue. Fans are sure to be pleased with this finished work.



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Unit Price 90,000 JPY
Mold Sculptor Akihiro Enku (VOLKS)
Net Weight 1610grams
Product Size 44.5 cm height × 38cm width × 29.5 cm depth
Size of inner box 41.5×39.5×32.5 cm
Size of outer box 47×45×39 cm
Attachments Serial number nameplate
Maximum Manufacture Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs only.
Serial Number No.1- No. 50
Materials Polystone, etc.
Estimated Delivery Date Around July, 2019
Shipping Method EMS
Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or repair service.
Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue