Fairy Puck & Kuri Puck Accessories (silver version)

Fairy Puck & Kuri Puck Accessories (silver version)

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*Estimate deliver date: approx 20 business days after the payment.

We have newly released the silver necklaces featuring Puck, one of the very popular characters from Berserk. The necklaces are available in two versions - one is Fairy Puck known to the Spirit of the Wind, and the other is a very funny and cute figure of Kuri Puck. Carefully selected zirconia has been placed between the chain and the pendant, and different colors have been used - ruby for Fairy Puck and emerald for Kuri Puck.

The highly popular “Brand of Sacrifice” marking has been also incorporated as a decorative piece to the clasp. The necklace has a refreshing look. If the strap is positioned at the end of the “Brand of Sacrifice” piece, the 45cm length of the pendant can be increased by 5cm, so you can use the necklace in two different lengths.

The pendant top reproduces Puck’s feathers, toes, and hair in intricate detail. This has only been made possible through the skilled craftsmanship of Japanese jewelry artisans. The photos may not fully convey the appeal of the product, so we encourage you to see the actual pendants for yourself.

[How To Order]
Under the price listing, select Options then Type and from the drop-down menu either “Fairy Puck” or “Kuri Puck”, then click “Add to Cart”.
[Product Overview]
Fairy Puck
Size: Top 25mm x 10mm Length of chain: 45cm 〜50cm
Net Weight: approx.. 7.3g
Kuri Puck
Size: Top 22mm x 12mm Length of chain: 45cm 〜50cm
Net Weight: approx.. 9.0g

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Estimated Delivery Date: around 2-4 weeks after the confirmation of payment.

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