[Auction]Guts Horse Riding 2020 Christmas repaint

[Auction]Guts Horse Riding 2020 Christmas repaint

Unit Price: 160,000JPY

Product Description

About auction

- Start time: 17:00 December 9, 2020 (Japanese time)

- End time: 17:00 December 11,2020(Japanese time)

- Starting Price: 160,000 Yen (without shipping fee)

- Highest price announce time:

1. 17:00 December 10,2020.

2. 12:00 December 11,2020.

3. 15:00 December 11,2020.

* Inquiries about the highest price will NOT be answered. Please wait for the announcement.

-Way to bid

1. Click the [Inquiries] bottom in this page.

2. Write down your name, e-mail address and price.

*We suggest you to use the inquiry system but you can also send an email to our customer service mailbox(assist@art-of-war.jp). Please add [Auction]in the title.

* Please send another inquiry if you have any question about this auction.


-Minimum unit bidding price: 1000 Yen/bid.

-Only the highest bidding price will be shown on our website.

Payment Setting Process:

We will contact the successful bidder by email after the auction. Please note that if no response from the bidder returns within 24 hours, the bid will be considered as unsuccessful.

Payment should be settled in 3days after auction. Please note that delivery charge is not included in the successful bidding price. Also, if payment cannot be confirmed before the expiration, purchasing right will be shifted to the second successful bidder. And cancellation after payment setting is not acceptable!

The item will be shipped to the successful bidder right after the payment has been confirmed.

*Please notice that the shipment might be hugely delayed since the covid-19. Please check the website of Japan Post or contact us for more shipping detail.

Wish you a good luck!
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