Skull Knight 2021 Limited version1 with Senma Soilder

Skull Knight 2021 Limited version1 with Senma Soilder

Unit Price: 280,000JPY

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Product Description



After receiving high praise for the large-size Tentacle Ship , we are pleased to introduce our next creation, The Skull Knight 2021 where ART OF WAR Fans can enjoy an enlarged version of the Skull Knight riding his horse atop the Troll monster.


We created this piece in response to the many requests from our fans. You can easily find that it is much bigger than the 1/6 The Tentacle Ship.The Skull Knight 2021 has become the largest ever statue in the history of ART OF WAR products.


The Skull Knight 2021 size overwhelms, especially when placed next to the Tentacle Ship. The modeling is the best combination ever, merging the most popular figure poses and statue bases. Discover and enjoy the fine art beauty, the intricately applied colouring, and the imposing power of scale of this unique original statue!


The Skull Knight 2021 has been specially produced for The Great Berserk Exhibition, Kentaro Miura: 32 Years of Artistry.


Note that this is a large-scale work which is difficult to reproduce.





since the price, we will take extra 3000jpy handling cost for the customs clearance procedures.

*We will charge for shipping as soon as the product is released, as the weight is yet to be determined.

Net Weight 20kg(about)
Product Size 72cm-60cm-90cm(about)
Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue