Guts-Berserk 2020 Spring Special version

Guts-Berserk 2020 Spring Special version

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Weight: 8000g

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We tried to capture a powerful movement of brandishing Dragon Slayer which is 41cm in full lengths. Although it is very hard to represent feeling of "speed and energy" with armored body, we pursued not only expression of the movement but also details of armor's edges which usually being incompatible with kinetic representations.

It took us one year to finish this statue with Berserk's own dignified feeling as well. As the results, This Guts became a large-scale statue suitable for commemorating the 20th anniversary of Berserk. Originated from Berserk vol.31, episode 271 (Oriental Magic). It is our first figure of Berserker Armor which can be seen when Guts controlled the Armor completely. When Schierke made him disillusioned, the cracks of helmet's eye seem to be bigger than before. This statue represents the original scene as well, eyehole became widen so Guts' eye could be visible. Interchangeable head without helmet will be attached on the item. The head also finished with detailed representations such as black wavelike patterns from his jaw from neck, meaning the berserk armor unified with Guts. We managed to express Guts' forceful face swinging huge sword. The new version of the product’s modeling is done in a wide scale reform. BERSERK 20th Anniversary Statue was one of ART OF WAR's popular items. It was sold out immediately after releasing on 2009, and there were many requests for reproduction of this attractive item. We can say proudly that the Berserk 2020 Spring Version is the most bloody one of all our stature works.

Our artisans spent a lot of time in painting the item one by one by brush, which made it the only one masterpiece in the world. This repainting version has addition of blood to the whole armor making it bloodier. There is a fresh blood flowing all over his body. You are able to check it from the pictures of the item.

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