[Only Until Sep 4!] Guts The Berserk T-Shirt (short sleeves)

[Only Until Sep 4!] Guts The Berserk T-Shirt (short sleeves)

Product Description

AOW Original Design


Limited items for the Great Berserk Exhibition (Nagoya Edition)


** We have "Normal Edition "5 M size and 10 L size in company stock for immediate delivery.

Otherwise, or if sold out, the product will be sold on order.(2022.08.09)



From the design to the material all selected. The design from our original concept of product development, to show the image of the Berserk. It is highly recommended to wear it at the same time with the accessories produced by AOW so that the world view of the original can be perfectly reproduced.

The color and shape are very introverted, suitable for ordinary wear.

Based on our experience of making T-shirts for half a century. From material selection to cutting, sewing, and finishing.

From material selection to cutting, sewing, and finishing, each part of our products is made with the meticulous care that only skilled Japanese craftsmen can provide.


The "Venue Limited Color Edition" with the BERSERK logo and the color of one sleeve a little brighter than the other, and
You can choose the "Normal Edition" with calm colors.


*Made in Japan






1. This is a limited item only for 2022.08.06-2022.09.04. Please dont miss it.

2. Please pay attention to the size when you place an order. Because of the characteristics of the material, the size may appear 1-2cm difference, please understand.

3. This product is a pre-order item. The estimated shipping date is approximately one and a half to two months after the end of the exhibition (September 4). (This may vary depending on the manufacturer's availability.)

4. No return or cancellation(expect quality problems)

5. Please send us inquiries if you have any question.


*Image only


Materials cotton 100%(Made in Japan)
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue