No.477 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Ring [477]

No.477 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Ring [477]

Unit Price: 33,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 500g

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Product Description

New item-The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Ring (New Product)

*Estimate deliver date: around 30 business days after the confirmation of payment.

This newly-designed ring features The Skull Knight overlaid with the Mark of Sacrifice – two important elements from Berserk combined together for the first time ever.

Every ring is carefully handcrafted and engraved by our skilled artisans in Japan. The Mark of Sacrifice element is purposely distorted and full of detailed scars and scratches to express the profound world of Berserk.

The sides of the ring are designed with thorns taken from The Skull Knight 's sword giving this product a solid feeling of depth. Moreover, every piece has gone through an oxidation process to reproduce an antique feeling. The combination of silver material combined with the authenticity of Berserk results in a ring that has depth and gravitas.

This is a great opportunity to add one more fantastic item to your Berserk collection.

*Please note:
- Silver is soft metal. Please avoid applying strong pressure on it.
- This ring is a made to order item. We do not accept cancellations. Once cancellation occurred, we would not accept the order from the same ID again and the payment will not be refund in any case. So please do consider carefully before the purchasing.
- Since every item is handmade, there might be subtle differences in the colors. By polishing the ring, you can enjoy delicate effects of silver.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

Attachment: Fine Black Ring Case
Unit Price: 26,000 Japanese Yen
Material: 925 Silver, Brass
Size:20 (L) x 16 cm (W) x 4cm (D)
Net Weight: Size 21= approx. 20 gm
Estimated Delivery Date: around 3-6 weeks after the confirmation of payment.
Made in Japan

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