[Area: F] [Europe]Shipping and handling cost of ガッツ鎮魂:Requiem

[Area: F] [Europe]Shipping and handling cost of ガッツ鎮魂:Requiem

Unit Price: 49,860JPY


Product Description


[Area: F] Europe


First of all, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused about the shipping charges.


We calculated shipping charges based on the “actual weight”, which we did when using EMS. 

However, we found that DHL calculates shipping charge based on the “actual weight” or

“volume weight” whichever is greater.


Volume weight is calculated based on the package measurement.

The calculation is Length x Depth x Height / 5000 = volume weight


The size of the package box for both Limited 1 and 2 is 66.5 x 30 x 51.5 (cm)

So, volume weight is 66.5 x 30 x 51.5 / 5000 = 20.9 = 21kg


Compared to the actual weight, 10kg for Limited 1 and 9kg for Limited 2, volume weight

is greater so shipping charge needs to be calculated based on the volume weight which is 21kg.


This is the correct shipping cost, calculated based on the volume weight. (ESS is Emergency Surcharge)


They are more expensive than before but this is the correct DHL shipping fee.

We apologize for confusing you a lot.

We are doing our best to ensure delivery, and we thank you in advance for your patience.


Please arrange payment by June 23, 2023.






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