[sold out]ガッツ 大砲斬り2024 [Limited 50 pcs]

[sold out]ガッツ 大砲斬り2024 [Limited 50 pcs]

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ガッツ 大砲斬り2024(Guts TAIHOGIRI )


Guts ”Cannon Slice", in which he wields his sword Dragon Slayer as a reaction to the cannon fire, reminds us of the "Fantasia Arc begins: Elf Island Chapter" of Berserk Volume 35.

As its mold will be discarded after the production completes, this will be your last chance to get your hands on Guts the Spinning Cannon Slice.





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Although the statue has hardly been re-released since its first release in 2016, it has been highly acclaimed and there have been many requests for re-release, so we have created a brushed-up version and will be taking orders for a limited edition of 50 pieces.


The dynamic modeling of the tentacles extending out from the base was the first attempt among our many Berserk products at the time.

The large tentacles flailing about on the base convey the power of the spinning slash

in a more realistic manner.

The armor, eyes, and coloring of Guts can be viewed from any direction in a 360°

angle, allowing the viewer to feel the dynamic "movement" of Guts as one with the diorama. Guts' powerful footsteps and fluttering cape show his momentum.


As the name "Cannon Slice" implies, the prosthetic hand (cannon) extending from Gut's left arm has been sculpted down to the gimmick and mechanism.

Arm Cannon that we have produced in the past: https://www.art-of-war.jp/product/119

Based on our experience in elaborately reproducing the prosthetic cannon, we put special emphasis on the "cannon", which is the theme of this statue, even though it is small in scale.


For the two tentacle monsters lying on the base, we spent as much time as it would have taken to create one new statue at the time, and we thoroughly and realistically reproduced the pupils, mouth, and other details. The wounds are vividly opened, and an creepy-colored liquid flows from the wounds, allowing you to feel the immediate aftermath of the slash.


Guts' face has been sculpted as it was when it was first released;

ART OF WAR's Guts is not sculpted exactly as it is in the manga, but rather

is created with the assumption that Guts exists in real life, and that he is three-dimensional and realistic.

Since the whole statue is made in pursuit of "reality", the same is true for the facial expressions.

If the armor and poses are made to be realistic, but the face is made to look like the manga, the body and face will have different expressions, losing balance and a sense of unity.

Please be aware that the sculpting of Guts' face and armor is one of the works directly supervised and appreciated by the late Mr. Miura, the author of the original manga, before he passed away.


Two miniature statues of Daiba and Ganishka will be included as accessories. We have brushed up the coloring for those accessories as well.



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<Product Details>

ガッツ大砲斬り2024(Guts TAIHOGIRI 2024)

This is made-to-order product.

Scheduled production completion: October 2024 or later

Manufactured by our work shop

Limited manufacture to 50 pcs only

Unit Price : 250,000 yen (approx. 1,600usd or 1,500euro)

Size: approx. 42W x 36D x 27H (cm) including the base and the sword

Material: Polystone

Accessories: Serial number plate, Daiba, Ganishka

Production: ART OF WAR






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Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA/ Hakusensha)

Unit Price 250,000 yen (approx. 1,600usd or 1,500euro)
Product Size About 42W x 36D x 27H (cm) including the base and the sword
Attachments Serial number plate, Daiba, Ganishka
Materials Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date Scheduled to be launched in late Oct 2024 or later
Shipping Method DHL / EMS *Under consideration.
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
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