Guts the dog Pendant(Standard Version) **2type

Guts the dog Pendant(Standard Version) **2type

Unit Price: 40,000JPY

Prices vary according to options.

Weight: 500g


Product Description

Guts the Dog Pendant (Standard Version)



From among the accessories sold exclusively at the Great Berserk Exhibition,

the popular "Guts the Dog Pendant" is now available as a standard version on the web!


This is the first "Guts Dog" motif accessory in ART OF WAR.

Guts' feelings for Casca and his loneliness are expressed in the work with a melancholy dog that is symmetrical to the wolf of the mad warrior.

Each scratch is carefully handcrafted by Japanese artisans to create a high-quality original work of art. 


In the limited edition, a diamond was inlaid in the left eye of Guts Dog, but in this standard edition, the stone has been removed and the price has been changed to a more affordable one.



In addition, this time, customers can choose from two types with different finishes: "metal black" and "matte black.

*The price of "Metal Black" is higher because of the additional scratch processing of the tagane at the end of the painting process.



A small but firm branding mark is engraved on the neck of the dog.

Guts' claws and the protruding parts of his collar are polished to create a difference

in texture from the glossy black of the main body.

The forming of "Guts Dog" is a fusion of the muscular body of Guts (human) and the unique skeletal structure of a dog, which we paid particular attention to create.


The chain, made of a rugged material, is designed to resemble a chain connected to Guts' collar.

The chain can be adjusted to two different lengths.



[ Metal Black ]


[ Mat Black ]


[ Mat Black and Metal Black ]


Matte black has a subdued texture.

Metal black is shiny and reflects light, making it look very glamorous.

On the other hand, matte black has a calm and subdued look, and will suit mature coordination and display.




**The black smoked finish may turn white due to the effects of light (sunlight, fluorescent light, etc.) and aging.

   Polishing with silver polish will restore the original smoked color.




*Please note:


- Silver is soft metal. Please avoid applying strong pressure on it.

- This ring is a made to order item. We do not accept cancellations. Once cancellation occurred, we would not accept the order from the same ID again and the payment will not be refund in any case.So please do consider carefully before the purchasing.

- Since every item is handmade, there might be subtle differences in the colors.

-The accessory case and pouch are samples.

Please note that they may differ from the case that comes with the product when it is delivered.



By polishing the ring, you can enjoy delicate effects of silver. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.


Unit Price 30,000JPY(mat black) 40,000JPY(metal black)
Net Weight about 28.5g
Product Size about 13 mm (W) x 40(H) × 27mm (D) / Chain length: approx. 50 cm + 5 cm
Attachments with a accessory box
Materials Silver925
Estimated Delivery Date around 2-4 weeks after the confirmation of payment.
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR (Made in Japan)
Copy Right © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions *Image only. *The coloring may differ from the image due to the handiwork of the artist. *Colors may appear different depending on your display device. *The size is a prototype measurement and may differ slightly from the product.
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