[ALL JAPAN MADE] 髑髏の騎士バストアップ Skull Knight Bust [ALL METAL] *Until July 31

[ALL JAPAN MADE] 髑髏の騎士バストアップ Skull Knight Bust [ALL METAL] *Until July 31

Unit Price: 450,000JPY

Prices vary according to options.

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Ring siz:

Unit Price: 450,000JPY


Product Description



ART OF WAR’s first fully JAPAN MADE, first fully METAL statue 


Limited 10 pcs!

=>We are accepting additional 5 orders through July 31 due to favorable response!

This is our first Berserk Statue completely made in Japan!





This is a Pre-order item. This is not a product with a fixed shipping cost. 

So please do not purchase it together with regular sales items (e.g. accessories) or other pre-order item.
If you ordered theire items, we will charge you a separate shipping fee for each.



*All photos are taken with the ring (size M); please note that the appearance and fit may differ when wearing sizes L-XL due to the different size of the ring.


This is our first Berserk Statue completely made in Japan.

We are very particular about JAPAN MADE and everything from development to production is done by Japanese craftsmen in Japan.

Using world’s highest level of technology and casting technique, Japanese craftsmen created this Skull Knight Bust.


And this is the first fully metal statue.

Until now, metal has only been used for accessories, but we have long been developing


the product with the hope of applying this outstanding Japanese craftsmanship to statue as well.

The complex shapes, such as protrusions and thin spikes, were very difficult to produce

in metal, so we went through a number of trial and error processes.


In order to reproduce the prototype to the smallest detail, the casting method is particularly important, and under the skilled

craftsmen’s technique, a wide range of new attempts were made during the development.

The fact that we were able to establish innovative techniques never before seen in the production of this work and reproduce the prototype so faithfully

 in detail is the result of the skill and enthusiasm of Japanese craftsmen that cannot be imitated by any other company.



The body part of Skull Knight is made of pewter (tin alloy), which has been used since ancient times.

Compared to silver, pewter is less susceptible to deterioration due to oxidation, and has a unique and tasteful metallic expression.


The cape part is not polished, leaving unique roughness of the metal to express its texture.

The spikes on the shoulders and neck are cast in parts and then soldered one by one.

Thanks to the skill of Japanese craftsmen, you can hardly recognize the adhesion marks even when you look at it up closely.

You can enjoy a different texture by polishing it with silver polish.



The head is made of 925 silver and can be removed from the body and enjoy as a ring.

(*Because of the sharp edges, please do not use it as a normal accessory, but enjoy it indoors as an ornament.)

The tarnishing caused by oxidation is also a beautiful feature, so you can enjoy the aging process or polish it to enjoy the delicate texture of the silver material.

By separating the materials of the body and the head, the two materials are made to complement each other.  A rose is engraved on the back.




This product is neither an accessory nor a polystone statue, but a piece of “fine art”.

Each piece will be handmade by those skilled craftsmen.



**The Skull Knight Silver Ring (crystal eye), which was previously sold, can be placed on the body of this product.

**Customers who purchased this ring can enjoy it with crystal eye or without.

**Due to the price hike of metal materials including silver, the price is different from the previous Skull Knight Ring.

**For those customers, who purchased the previous ring and set of Skull Knight bust, we will prepare special gift.




[Handling Notes]

A rubber ring is included for attaching the body and the head. When attaching, please fit the rubber ring around the neck as shown below.

M: rubber ring included

L: rubber ring included

XL: Rubber sheet attached to the neck (to adjust fitting) + rubber ring included


The thickness of the ring has been partially changed to increase strength.




Bank transfer: lump sum (due within 1 week from order)
     installments (up to 3 installments, see below for details*)

Credit card: lump sum
     For installments, please follow the rules of your credit card company.

*We accept installments up to 3 installments by bank transfer. 5% of installment fee will be charged.
**Please note that no cancellations or refunds can be made after the bank transfer or credit card payment has been completed, nor can any cancellations or refunds be made in the middle of an installment payment. The paid amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.
**We will not accept installment payments from customers who have had delays in bank transfers in the past.
**For lump-sum payments by bank transfer, we will cancel the order if we cannot confirm receipt of payment within one week from order.



[Product Specifications]

Studio (in Japan) production

Limited production (total 15 pcs)

Price:Base:450,000 yen / Ring M: 75,000yen L:85,000yen XL:95,000yen

Size:Base: approx. 15cm (width) x 8.5cm (depth) x 7.5cm (height)

 -Ring M (equivalent to size 15 - 19)

 -Ring L (equivalent to size 20 - 22)

 -Ring XL (equivalent to size 23 - 25)


Production: ART OF WAR




-Silver is a soft metal. Do not apply strong force.

-This product is for ornamental use only. Do not use as a normal accessory.

-Please handle with care as there are sharp edges and dangerous.

-This product is made-to-order. We do not accept cancellation after payment is confirmed.

-Each item is handmade, so there are slight differences in color.

-The accessory case and pouch are samples.

-Please note that the case may differ from the one when the product is delivered.

-Please polish the ring when enjoying the delicate silver effect.


*The images are for illustrative purposes only.

*The coloring is done by hand and a differ from the image.

*Colors may appear different depending on your dispay device.

*Colors may appear different fro those in the images due to the environment in which they were taken or displayed.

*Sizes are prototypes and may differ slightly from the actual product.



(C) Kentaro Miura (Studio Ganga) / Hakusensha

Unit Price Base:450,000 yen / Ring M: 75,000yen L:85,000yen XL:95,000yen
Net Weight Base:About 9kg / Ring:About 40g (M size)
Product Size Base: approx. 15cm (width) x 8.5cm (depth) x 7.5cm (height)
Serial Number Serial number engraved on back of base.
Materials Base:Tin, copper, antimony(Sn, Cu, Sb) / Ring:silver 925
Estimated Delivery Date Scheduled to be launched in Late Oct 2024 or later.
Shipping Method DHL / Other methods are planned to be considered.
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR / ALL Made in Japan
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions 1.) Delivery charge will be informed to you when delivery is ready. 2.) No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after payment. 3.) Also, you may need to pay VAT and customs in your country. 4.)For ages 18 and up
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