[special orders]Nosferatu 2023 [Limited 35 pcs]

[special orders]Nosferatu 2023 [Limited 35 pcs]

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Nosferatu is an immortal being who transcends death.

Zodd, who has been living on the battlefield for a long time, seeking the strongest enemy and finding meaning only in fighting, is worthy of being called Nosferatu.





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Since its release in 2013, this work has continued to enjoy strong popularity and has received numerous requests for re-release.
In 2023, 10 years after its initial release, we will be re-releasing a brushed-up version.

Compared to the monster version, the human version of Zodd has been released very few times in our past releases,
and the sculping of "Nosferatu" is a particularly valuable work that focuses on the expression of "movement" and "fighting".
You will feel as if Zodd on the battlefield is slowly walking toward you on the snow.


We took our time to create this Zodd, paying attention to "muscle expression", “posing", and "overall balance".
The coloring has been further improved since its initial release,
and subtle changes that cannot be seen in the image photo have been made to recreate the unfathomable,
eerie fear and power of Zodd. The stained paint on the limbs,
which have been used on numerous battlefields, gives the figure a rough and rugged look.

The cracks on the sword held in his right hand caused by the battle with the Black Swordsman have also been reproduced.



Japanese art techniques were also incorporated into the modeling of this work.
The battle-hardened Zodd, with his inhuman features and unfathomable terror, is inspired by the Japanese demon, Oni.


The subtle balance of the slope between the left and right feet is inspired
by the expression of sculpture of the Kei school of Buddhist art.

This exquisite difference in height and depth expresses strength and movement in a quiet way.
We do not choose flashy poses, but rather add traditional artistic expression and our original expression to it,
assuming reality and what the character would look like if he were real.
This is one of the elements that make our statues "sculptures" and not just character figures.


The reason why our statues do not look inferior even if they are re-released in 2023 using the prototype as it was at the time of their initial release,
is because we have been pursuing high quality and beauty of sculping since that time,
and have thought through the expression that people will never get tired of.


The theme of ART OF WAR's Zodd has been "fear" since its inception.
Please try to look at Zodd when you receive this statue.
When your eyes meet the blood-red eyes, you will definately experience "fear".




Please read followings carefully before purchasing.


Additional blood painting by the artist

This statue is available with a blood painting option.

Although the statue looks great in its normal form and coloring, the characterization of Zodd and the world of “fear” and “battle in this work will be further enhanced by the additional blood painting.

Price: 40,000 yen


1.) The finish of the additional blood painting is entirely up to the artist.

Please note that we do not accept any returns or modifications due to differences from your image or the image on the website.


2.) Colors will be added by the artist in Japan, using the best Japan made paints.

And no two pieces will lbe the  same because each piece is finished by hand individually.

Please allow a little time for us to finish painting each piece in Japan.

Also,This process is done after the product is received, so it will take some time before delivery.

The following is a reference image of the additional blood painting. This is a reference only.



Shipping Costs

Delivery charge will be informed to you when delivery is ready.



<Product Details>


Workshop production, made-to-order

Price : 110,000 yen 

Limited production : 35 pieces



Overall 29 (H) x 25 (W) x 25 (D) cm   Zodd human body: approx. 22 cm high

Weight: About 2.8 kg

Material: Polystone

Attachment: Serial number plate attached to the base

Production: ART OF WAR

Delivery date: Scheduled to be launched in late June 2024 or later.





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*The images are for illustrative purposes only.

*The coloring is done by hand and a differ from the image.

*Colors may appear different depending on your dispay device.

*Colors may appear different fro those in the images due to the environment in which they were taken or displayed.

*Sizes are prototypes and may differ slightly from the actual product.


(C) Kentaro Miura (Studio Ganga) / Hakusensha

Unit Price 110,000 yen
Net Weight About 2.8kg
Other Option Bloody painting option
Serial Number no.01〜35
Materials Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date Scheduled to be launched in late June 2024 or later
Shipping Method DHL / EMS *Under consideration.
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions 1.) Delivery charge will be informed to you when delivery is ready. 2.) No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after payment. 3.) Also, you may need to pay VAT and customs in your country.
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