Beherit 2020 サッポロ版 [limited edition of 100 sets]

Beherit 2020 サッポロ版 [limited edition of 100 sets]

Unit Price: 21,000JPY

Prices vary according to options.

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 150g


Product Description


Beherit 2020 サッポロ版 (SAPPORO Edition)



Ordering period: December 10, 2022 to February 12, 2023

Scheduled release date: Summer, 2023 or later




NOTE: This is a Pre-order item. This is not a product with a fixed shipping cost.

So please do not purchase it together with regular sales, instock items (e.g. accessories).

If you purchase regular sale items and ordered items together, we will charge you a separate shipping fee for each.



The "Great Berserk Exhibition Sapporo Venue" will be held from January 14, 2023 to February 12, 2023.  As a commemoration of this exhibition, we developed Beherit 2020 サッポロ版 (SAPPORO Edition).

The prototype remain unchanged but the size and coloring of the eyes have been significantly changed from the previous Beherit 2020.



[left:previous version  right:サッポロ版]


For overseas customers, special advance order is available from December 10, 2022.

(In Japan, it will be available only during the Sapporo Exhibition period.)


Beherit 2020 サッポロ版 is the last production using the current prototype.

It has not been decided whether a new prototype will be made so this edition might be the final Beherit 2020.  Don’t miss the chance to get it!



The "3 pieces set" which includes "Egg of the King" "Eclipse," and "Open Eyes" will be sold in a limited edition of 100 sets.

Please note that the offer will close when the number of order reach the limit.



“Open Eyes", which was only available in sets of three, is now also available for sale by a single piece.

"Egg of the King", "Eclipse" and "Open Eyes" are only available for order production.

Please note that they will not be available after the order is closed.  If we receive a large number of applications, the items will be shipped in the order of application.


[left:previous version  right:サッポロ版]




[What have been changed?]


Until previous version, Beherit 2020 had large eyes and vivid blue coloring.

However, as this is the final production with the prototype, we decided to change the impression of Beherit 2020 by using a different coloring scheme.

Packaging will change as well.  It will be redesigned to look like the one for the "Beherit 2020 Dark Iron ver." which was ordered in the "Nagoya Edition" and "Ginza Edition.




[Egg of the King]

The "Egg of the King" has been made more subdued by adding a matte texture and staining paint to the overall appearance, while maintaining the quality of the original Beherit 2020.

The tone of the coloring was raised just a little more than before to emphasize the three-dimensionality of the eyes, nose, and mouth with the addition of dry brush and detailed coloring techniques.


[left:previous version  right:サッポロ版]




The size of the eyes has been reduced from the previous version, and the color of the eyes has been changed to a reddish color, which has greatly changed the mood of the image.

In the previous version, the eyes of Beherit 2020 "Eclipse" seemed to show a faint glimmer of hope.

However, the newly changed Beherit 2020 "Eclipse" is truly a face expressing despair.


[left:previous version  right:サッポロ版]




[Open Eyes]

The "Open Eyes" are particularly different.

The eyes are bloodshot, the iris and mucous membranes are drawn in millimeters and seem so vivid and alive, and we feel as if we are being watched.

In contrast to the despairing "Eclipse", the expression of "Open Eyes," which seems to ignore all emotions, is a kind of terror.


[left:previous version  right:サッポロ版]


Not only the coloring of the eyes, but also the stained paint and texture of Beherit's body and the coloring of the bezel were changed accordingly. The bezel has been further enhanced from antique gold to bring out the texture used.


For the string, the color saturation has been further reduced to a more subdued hue.

The string in the image is a sample production, so there is a possibility that the specifications may be changed. Basically, we will produce it in dark tones with materials that do not spoil the image.




 - Set of 3 / 21,000JPY
 - Single item (Egg of King,Eclipse) / 7,500JPY
 - Single item (Open Eyes) / 8,000JPY  *This item requires extremely high skill in eye coloring so the price is set accordingly.


[Product details]

 - Set of 3 / Limited to 100 sets
 - Single item (Egg of King, Eclipse, Open Eyes) / made-to-order only
 - Size: approx. 4 cm, string length: approx. 80 cm
 - Weight: 30g each
 - Material: Polystone, leather string
 - No serial number. The package specification is a sample.



  • The images shown are samples and images only.
  • The coloring is done by hand and may differ from the image.
  • Colors may appear different depending on your display device.
  • The size is a sample measurement and may differ slightly from the actual product.


 (C) Kentaro Miura (Studio Ganga) / Hakusensha


Unit Price Set of 3 / 21,000JPY  Single item (Egg of King,Eclipse) / 7,500JPY  Single item (Open Eyes)/8,000JPY
Net Weight about 30g each
Product Size approx. 4 cm, string length: approx. 80 cm
Serial Number none
Materials Polystone, leather string
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date Summer, 2023 or later
Copy Right ©Kentaro Miura (Studio Ganga) / Hakusensha
Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue